As we age, certain hormones in the body decline. These hormones are involved in many day-to-day processes, leading to the body becoming less efficient. This results in changes such as menopause and andropause (male menopause).

One size does not fit all in women’s and men’s health and compounded hormones can help individualise treatment. Hormone therapy is considered the most effective treatment for menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.

Currently, there is a lot of interest in bioidentical HRT. ‘Bioidentical’ indicates that the hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones produced by our bodies. These hormones are typically synthesized from a plant source i.e. extracted from yams and soy. Bioidentical oestrogens are 17 beta-oestradiol, oestrone, and oestriol. (Oestradiol is the form of oestrogen that decreases at menopause.)

Bioidentical hormones come in several forms such as pills, topical creams, troches and pessaries.

Hormone levels are usually assessed via blood tests and then the dose adjusted according to a combination of test results and clinical response.

The benefits of BHRT may include: a greater sense of wellbeing; increased physical and sexual energy; vitality; mental alertness; and – as mentioned above –  an improvement in menopausal symptoms.

Common concerns of BHRT are side effects such as breast tenderness, bleeding and links of oestrogen with breast cancer.

If applicable, it is strongly advised you speak to your doctor or ask our pharmacists for further information.

Wiley Protocol

The Wiley protocol, developed by T.S. Wiley, is all about mimicking the body’s natural sex hormonal cycles (in men and women). They consist of a range of products produced by licensed and trained compounding pharmacies around the world.

The Wiley Protocol is different from other hormone replacement therapies as it is biomimetic. This means the medication mimics the natural hormones in the body in both structure and function. It follows the natural hormonal rhythm of both the female and male body.

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For women:

Biomimetic hormones, the scientifically accurate term, are derived from plant sources and mimic the natural undulating or wavelike rhythms of the hormone blood levels in a normal menstrual cycle of a healthy young woman.

The Wiley Protocol uses this natural rhythm of nature to establish the proper doses of bio-identical hormones that mimic the natural hormones produced by your body. Wiley Protocol is multi-phasic rhythmic dosing, meaning that the topical creams and their amounts vary throughout the 28-day cycle to restore the hormone levels of a woman in her prime.

As a woman ages her libido and desire for sex often diminishes.  Hormones can play a key role in libido, energy, and immune function in women. Some male dominant hormones are also found in women to a smaller degree.These levels are highest for a woman in the early twenties, but by the time she approaches and enters menopause there may be a deficiency. The replacement of solelyfemale dominant hormones alone may not correct loss of muscle tone, absent sex drive, or general lack of mental function. The Wiley Protocol creams for women is biomimetic and replicates feminine hormone rhythms.

For more specific information on Wiley, head to their website:

For men:

As men get older they often notice a decline in their competitive interests, sex drive and overall enthusiasm for life. Most men experience androgen deficiency that goes unrecognized. Medical research has shown that restoring androgens, to optimum levels can provide significant improvement in mood, increased energy and sexual function. Restoring the body’s normal balance of hormones can make a man feel strong, healthy, energized and happy again.

The men’s Wiley Protocol uses a seasonal calendar to restore levels of male hormones.

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