Our Professional Relationships

Consulting with doctors not only provides us with invaluable insights into their intended therapies (to be exercised through the use of compounded pharmaceuticals), but encourages an exchange of ideas to optimise existing and new therapeutic outcomes. For this reason, we strive to develop synergistic relationships with healthcare professionals ranging from integrative doctors and dermatologists to hair loss and fertility clinics.

Promoting Integrative Therapies

Como Compounding Pharmacy has provided an excellent platform for the introduction of many integrative therapies to the general public. The viewing window displaying the inner workings of the compounding lab has generated it’s own intrigue and fascination in the return to the origins of pharmacy – compounding. This has been received with much enthusiasm and enquiries into the possibilities of compounding and the therapies behind it.

We aim to provide patients with an extensive medical professional database Australia-wide and would value the opportunity to work with you.

Through this introduction, educating of the general public and, now, by word of mouth, people are seeking out Como Compounding Pharmacy. We rely on our network of integrative doctors, dermatologists and specialists in order to direct patients to the appropriate professional and therapy.

Dr Soroush Habibi

Pro Wellness Health Centre

Address 3/120 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

Phone +613 9676 8888

Fax +613 9676 9922


Dr Pamela Dagley

The NIIM Clinic

Email clinic@niim.com.au

Phone (03) 9804 0646

Fax (03) 9912 9500


Dr Con Perkoulidis

Tailor Made Health

Email info@tailormadehealth.com

Phone + 61 3 9079 1979

Fax + 61 3 8732 0333


Dr Martin Hill

Phone (03) 9822 0133

Dr Nicholas Bassal

Wholistic Medical Centre

Email info@wholisticmedicalcentre.com.au

Phone (02) 9211 3811


Dr Lorna Scott

Avalon Wholistic Medical Centre

Phone (02) 9918 2288

Fax (02) 9918 7507

Dr Robyn Cosford

Health Space Mona Vale

Phone (02) 9919 8887

Dr Therese Lovell

Dr T Lovell Specialist Practice

Phone (02) 9002 1340

Fax (02) 9002 1241

Dr Christopher Johnson

Email cjohnson@thegardensmedical.com.au

Address Level 3/ 470 Wodonga Place Albury NSW 2640

Phone 6021 3555

Fax 6021 7161

Dr Gregory (Greg) Emerson

Treat The Cause

Phone (07) 3339 7910

Fax 33339 7920


Dr Maria Makowska

Roma Street Clinic

Phone (07) 3837 5666

Fax (07) 3837 5741