Anti-bacterial Dental Gel for Periodontal Sockets

POLOXAB is a dental gel that contains high concentrations of two potent antibiotics for the treatment of periodontal sockets. POLOXAB contains 1% Azithromycin and 1% Ciprofloxacin in a proprietary reversal thermal gel base. POLOXAB formulation ensures delivery of antibiotic therapy to the affected site whilst maximising contact time.

Used as a periodontal implant like application indicated for the treatment of bacteria associated with damage to gum health within the periodontal cavity. POLOXAB is applied directly into the periodontal socket as a liquid gel. Upon contact POLOXAB gel will become more viscous holding POLOXAB in the socket for an extended period of time.

Our proprietary base exhibits reverse thermal properties ensuring increased viscosity upon contact with the mucosa. Our proprietary base also utilises micelle technology to ensure penetration of antibiotic therapy for improved dose delivery. Micelles encapsulate the antibiotic molecules and pass them across the mucosal epithelial layer.

Efficient delivery of antibiotics across epithelial tissue will yield a faster onset of action giving your patients relief sooner.


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(Azithromycin 1% + Ciprofloxacin 1% in TPT Polymer base)